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Shaman Healing


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Dolphin Adventure in Kona Swim Video

Video ©2008 by Dan Carew, KandaRiverProduction who graciously let us use his quality video- video taken on a similar tour with, the organization that we also go out with  - shows good representation of what swimming with the wild Spinner Dolphins is like. We also swim out from the shore to swim with the dolphins in protected bays south of Kona, Hawaii.

TURTLES in a lagoon on the Big Island of Hawaii - from our 'Dolphin, Turtle, & Volcano Adventure'


Video from Crystal River Florida 'Three Sisters' Spring where we swim with the Manatees.


Video from a recent Wolf Adventure - Raven, Cheyenne, Dakota etc are all people friendly wolves that we spend time with. Notice 'Romeo' the fox too!

Sedona Secret Ruins Video from our Sedona Spirit Adventures


Leyton Cougar, Director of Wilf Spirit Wolf Sanctuary speaks of their mission in rescuing wolves  - this is the Sanctuary we support with direct financial support from people who attend our Wolf Adventure.

Leyton has graciously agreed to give our groups 'behind the scenes' access - we get to spend 3 times of about 2hrs each inside the enclosures in direct contact with the wolves - lot's of direct play & interaction with people safe individual wolves. You will have your ears licked!


More from Leyton Cougar about the mission of Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary  & footage of Wolf Pups!


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"Tobias, how on earth did you manage to get this power into this book?!  I think every time I've picked it up I've had some sort of peak experience.  Just amazed so far.  Thank you."
Slade Hall - actor

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Tobias Lars- BS, MBA, Mensa

Invite Tobias Lars as a presenter to your , spiritual group, church or organization.

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'Course of Awakening' Seminars & Retreats'

Awakening Evenings Invite us to come and create an evening of Fun, Laughter, Grace filled Awakening for your church, retreat center or organization.