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Sedona Nature Spirit Walks-

Relaxing Walks & Hiking focusing on Enjoying Nature & Opening our Spirits:

Spirit Walks! - Nature allows us to slow down, enjoy, breathe in Health & Rejuvenation. With over 20 yrs exp in spiritual healing Tobias Lars - BS, MBA, Mensa - will help facilitate a personal message from Spirit for your Souls Journey on one of these Spirit Walks in the magnificent red rock vistas of Sedona, Arizona.

Breathtaking Red Rock Vistas!

Gentle Walks by Oak Creek!

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Spirit Walks - where Walks and Hikes are customized to the participants - from slow easy gentle walks to more rigorous hiking. These walks focus on enjoying the beauty of Nature here in the Sedona area & reconnecting with our Spirits. We will go at a comfortable pace, stopping frequently to enjoy what Nature presents to us. We will enjoy the breathtaking red rock vistas may run into some quail, some flowering cactus, ancient twisted pine trees, a deer's sleeping place from the night before, maybe an old homestead and perhaps some ancient out of the way Indian ruins.

Through over 17 years of exploring this area we know many hidden places to go on our explorations.

call 928.451.9068

to schedule a Sedona Nature Spirit Walk

Purchasing Photos

Below are some photos from our Nature Spirit Walks available in varying print sizes--

There are 3 ways to order photos:

1. Photo e-file: $25.00 - this is an electronic file emailed to you in JPEG or GIF or Photoshop for your end use. This photo will be a 'copyright signature' photo i.e. will have 'copyright ©2006 on it. This low cost option is available by keeping the copyright and thereby also creating some exposure for

2. High Quality Prints: You can purchase high quality prints suitable for framing at the following rates:

11x14 - $39.95

12x18 - $49.95

16x20 - $79.95

20x30 - $99.95

3. Full Photo Rights: Unlimited usage of photos without copyright signature for $250.00 - With this option you will have an electronic photo file without copyright sent to you in JPEG, GIF or Photoshop format.

please contact us for print orders and Full Photo Rights orders.



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"Tobias, how on earth did you manage to get this power into this book?!  I think every time I've picked it up I've had some sort of peak experience.  Just amazed so far.  Thank you."
Slade Hall - actor

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Tobias Lars- BS, MBA, Mensa

Invite Tobias Lars as a presenter to your , spiritual group, church or organization.

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'Course of Awakening' Seminars & Retreats'

Awakening Evenings Invite us to come and create an evening of Fun, Laughter, Grace filled Awakening for your church, retreat center or organization.