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Shaman Healing


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"Sitting in the Indian ruins and just hearing the quiet was amazing. Thank you for making it so comfortable and easy to do something that I would not have tried on my own. When I Come back, which I will, I will do it again." --Stephanie R., Boston MA

4 Day 'Sedona Spirit Adventure'

Sedona Spirit Adventure Retreats
for 4 days including 'Sanctuary
For Souls' Seminar

Explore Sacred Sites -
Vortexes, Labyrinths, Cliff Dwellings,
Indian Ruins, Petroglyphs! Easy walks
to sacred places - then relaxing and
enjoying Nature.
approx 6hrs/day - $1195 Includes Hotel

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Sedona Nature Spirit Walks - focusing on Enjoying Nature & Opening our Spirits-

Walks and Hikes are customized to the participants - from slow easy gentle walks enjoying nature & the magnificent vistas, or a bit more rigorous hike, to 'mini vision quests' & opening to the spirits of nature.. These walks focus on enjoying the beauty of Nature here in the Sedona area. We will go at a comfortable pace, stopping frequently to enjoy what Nature presents to us. We may run into some quail, some flowering cactus, ancient twisted pine trees, a deer's sleeping place from the night before, maybe an old homestead and perhaps some ancient out of the way Indian ruins.

Nature Spirits Personal Message for You-- This is a private or couple experience where Tobias will listen to the Nature Spirits and they will direct us to a place for you to receive a personal message about your Souls Journey. 2-4 hrs.

Private visit to Anazazi Ruins- We will bring you to seldom visited ruins of the Anazazi's. The guardian spirits of these ruins are particular about who they like to visit these timeless spirit places. If you feel drawn to this we will customize a private visit for you. Most likely there is a message for you from these ancient guardians. 4-6hrs.

Through over 17 years of exploring Sedona we know many pristine places to go on our explorations.

Single Day Adventure Rates:

2-3 HRS -- $200 couple/ $150 individual

3-4 HRS -- $250 couple/ $200 individual

4-5 HRS -- $275 couple/ $225 individual

Families same rates as couple

Inquire about small groups (5 or less)

Contact Us for details on the Sedona Single Day Adventures - 928 451 9068

Swim with free Spinner Dolphins in Kona, Hawaii

Spiritual Retreat  by  

928.451.9068 or

5 days of Ease, Comfort, Play, Dolphins & Turtles at a true Remnant of Paradise - located in “The Healing Triangle” on the Big Island of Hawaii. With sunset meditations  at “The Place of Refuge”, Kona & Volcano & Black Sand Beach day trip

$1795 per person - Includes Resort stay for 5 nights - inquire about specials

5 full days - Book Early - small groups

*PRIVATE RETREAT available for your group only-4 or more people and we can customize dates for your group

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Contact Us for details on this Adventure - 928 451 9068

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Give yourself a once in a lifetime experience of interacting with wolves!


For a Wolf  Eco Travel Adventure

Eco Spiritual Travel - A Spiritual Vacation

Spiritual Retreat

offered by & 'Sanctuary for Souls' Spiritual Retreats:

4 Wolf Adventure filled days,

4 or more people and we can customize dates for a Spiritual Travel Adventure for your PRIVATE GROUP! And you come free!

$1195 Includes 4 nights accomodations + Breakfast + Dinner or $495 per person, you arrange lodging and food - inquire about specials

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Contact Us for details on this Adventure - 928 451 9068

Any HOT Spring is great! - but Ojo Caliente with the Native Ruins, the meditation platforms in the mountains, the 4 different types of healing minerals, the Yurt Healing Tent for Yoga & 'Sanctuary For Souls' Seminar, the Rio Grande River Gorge, Santa Fe & Taos nearby,  and the feel of the New Mexico High Country just couldn't' be beat.

Ojo Caliente, NM (Summer 2008) – Most people don’t know that the word SPA is actually the acronym for “Salud por Agua” which means “health through water.” In Northern New Mexico, you’ll find the quintessential SPA experience at a legendary oasis called Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs. Ojo Caliente is the only hot springs in the world with a remarkable combination of four different types of mineral waters in ten different pools with temperatures ranging from 80 to 109 degrees. These waters, which bubble more than 100,000 gallons to the surface every day, are rich in minerals including Lithia, Iron, Soda and Arsenic. The minerals are believed to have ancient healing benefits including relieving depression, aiding digestion, promoting healthy skin tone, relieving symptoms of arthritis, and are considered to be beneficial to the blood and immune system.The legendary oasis, now celebrating its 140th anniversary, was opened as a spa in 1868 by Antonio Joseph, New Mexico’s first territorial representative. The current owners of Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs prefer to call themselves stewards of the property believing maintaining and supporting the natural environment makes sense both environmentally and economically. Recent renovations and expansions have both enhanced the guest experience without abandoning the authentic and historic nature of the original environment. “I love this place,” says Spa Director Jeannine Dolan.

“It’s not pretentious. It’s an authentic healing center.”

 $1195 per person - includes 4 nights Hotel or B&B - inquire about specials

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Contact Us for details on this Adventure - 928 451 9068

Swim with the Manatees - Peace & Gentleness

3 full Days of the 'Spirit of Peace' Manatee Adventure & 'Sanctuary for Souls' Workshop through


"When you re-connect to a free (not domesticated) animal - when you connect with their spirit - they will help re-awaken that part in yourself - your freedom, your energy, your Spirit, your connection to all Life. And at the same time you will help that animal's collective spirit and support the larger Eco sphere of our planet."

Tobias Lars - BS, MBA, Mensa - founder and Director of

(Group size limited to provide quality experience for participants. Reserve your space early if you want to make sure to go on this trip)

In Crystal River Florida the Manatees 'winter'. It's the best place on the planet to swim with these gentle mammals. Over 300 Manatees gather in the Crystal River bay. 'The Three Maidens' is the name of the crystal clear magical springs where we will swim with these emissaries of Peace and Gentleness.

Click for Video

Please Click Here or on Picture for a great video of swimming with Crystal River Manatees

$1195 Includes 4 nights hotel or B&B or $495 per person - lodging not included- inquire about specials

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Contact Us for details on this Adventure - 928 451 9068

Wild Horses Adventure!

Walk with Wild Horses!

An Eco Spiritual Travel Adventure, Spiritual Vacation & Spiritual Retreat

4 'Freedom of Horses' filled days!

*4 or more people and we can customize dates for your group

Come Experience these unique horses - truly a piece of North American history.

These are Truly Wild Horses, not 'released' domesticated horses, they have never been domesticated.

They are descendants of the horses that first returned to the North American Continent when they escaped from the Spanish explorers.

Join us for a once in a lifetime experience of Walking with truly Wild Horses!

Carlos Lopopolo, director of the New Mexico Horse Project has graciously arranged for & Sanctuary of Souls to have a personalized, customized adventure at their Wild Horse Sanctuary and to come and experience these truly free and wild horses on their Preserves.

The New Mexican Horse Project is dedicated to providing sanctuaries for these horses that are descended from the original Spanish Mustenos (Mustangs). These horses are not horses that have been released back into the wild, these horses have never been domesticated and have always run free. A free born horse is a unique animal compared to domesticated horses. Their energy and awareness is completely different.

$1195 - includes 4 nights B&B or Hotel or $495 per person - you arrange lodging - inquire about specials

Reserve this trip


Contact Us for details on this Adventure - 928 451 9068

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"Tobias, how on earth did you manage to get this power into this book?!  I think every time I've picked it up I've had some sort of peak experience.  Just amazed so far.  Thank you."
Slade Hall - actor

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e-book $9.99

in Print $19.95


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e-book $9.99

in Print $19.95


Tobias Lars- BS, MBA, Mensa

Invite Tobias Lars as a presenter to your , spiritual group, church or organization.

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'Course of Awakening' Seminars & Retreats'

Awakening Evenings Invite us to come and create an evening of Fun, Laughter, Grace filled Awakening for your church, retreat center or organization.