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Shaman Healing


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Support SpiriTravel & the animal Sanctuaries by enjoying these shirts. 50% of profits go directly to our animal sanctuaries.


The Dream Workshops

Keith Varnum creates Powerful, playful, practical workshops that open you to loving relationships, great abundance, radiant health and a job with passion. Free Prosperity CD and Ezine. www.The 1-800-736.7367

Leah LaChapelle is a force for Awakening - with an undaunted courageous Spirit she has committed herself to help us all wake up - 

-Do you want to know what's really happening on Earth?

-Do you want to Wake up? to ease, truth, enjoyment?

As a TV Host, Radio Host, personal Awakening Coach - Leah LaChapelle is our recommendation as you are going through the Awakening to your larger self, to who you really are.

Mike and Melainah's approach to encountering the dolphins is the one we like best on the Big Island of Hawaii. We recommend them if you are there on your own and can't attend our 'Sanctuary for Souls' workshops. - Tobias


E Komo Mai! Welcome...

Come experience a morning swim with us and the Dolphins on the beautiful Kona Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii! The Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins are year round residents so you can expect to see them whenever you are in Hawaii...

SunLight On Water, with Melainah, Michael and their staff, offer you the opportunity to have an experience that you will easily remember for the rest of your life – swimming with Dolphins that are wild and free in their natural habitat.

Telephone: (808) 896-2480


The Red Book

"A Deliciously Unorthodox Approach to Igniting Your Divine Spark"

by Sera Beak

Sera Beak is a world-traveled Harvard-trained scholar of comparative religion and an intrepid "spiritual cowgirl". Her first book, The Red Book: A Deliciously Unorthodox Approach to Igniting Your Divine Spark, is aimed at jaded, yet still spiritually curious young women, although the material speaks to all ages and genders. She calls the book a "firestarter". Sera is called "a woman who is hands down the freshest, boldest breath of fresh air spirituality has heard, read or seen in decades" by Maureen Moss, author, motivational speaker and radio host of

Great resource for finding Adventure Travel - all over the Globe.

This is the Wolf Sanctuary that we visit on our 'Wolf Adventures'.

They are the best Wolf Sanctuary in the Country, treating the wolves as family, giving them large enclosures to live in, pairing them with compatible partners.

The New Mexican Horse Project rescues and gives 'natural', free lives to these descendants of the original Spanish Mustangs. We visit their sanctuaries on our 'Wild Horse Adventures

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Sedona Spiritual & Metaphysical Association

"We are an association that is designed to be the heart and soul of Sedona's metaphysical and spiritual business community. We promote higher consciousness and raise awareness about the excellent products, services and activities offered to our local community and the visitors we serve in the greater Sedona area."

Sedona Chamber of Commerce

The official Sedona Chamber of Commerce website of which Sedona Soul Counseling is a member.

This is the site for the Tourism Bureau by the Sedona Chamber of Commerce.

Sedona was recently voted one of the 10 most beautiful places in America.

Some people visit Sedona for the breathtaking beauty that fills the senses and feeds the soul. Some visit Sedona to shop in the delightfully eclectic shops and galleries. Many others visit Sedona to savor the flavors and scents of our restaurants, to be pampered in a world-class resort or stay in a log cabin while sampling the diverse cultural events all year long. We invite you to Visit and Experience Sedona!

Hawai'i Bed & Breakfast

Voted #1 Bed and Breakfast by readers of West Hawaii Today, this unique Big Island Hawai'i romantic eco-spa treehouse style bed and breakfast offers Healthy Pleasures that include communing with friendly wild dolphins, snorkeling, diving, labyrinth, yoga space, organic garden, Hawaiian lomilomi massage, birding, hammock, flower essences, far infra red sauna, wireless high speed internet
-- hosting honeymoons, families, workshops and individuals...

Enjoy "soft adventure"- where Aloha abounds - on the sunny Kona Coast

This is a great resource for the life story of Nityananda, a true Siddha (enlightened liberated master) and the guru of Swami Muktananda. Masters like Nityananda aren't often understood in the West because they don't play along with our social system, but operate to the Divine dictates of the Supreme Divinity. Muktananda took the teachings of the Siddha line of Yogi's and his master Nitaynanda to the West and made it presentable for Western understanding. If you are interested in feeling - imbibing - soul nurturing yourself with stories of true masters - enjoy this page on this site.

OSHO Videos

This is a site out of the Netherlands that has some wonderful videos of the Master OSHO. A true 20th Century modern master.

Hawaii-- the place that all the world knows as paradise, the most remote destination on earth-- may hold a clue for all humanity during this, our critical, defining moment. This book reveals why Hawaii is the crossroads of all our mysteries. The Hawaiian people, their legends and culture, even the location of the islands themselves hold a key to the path for the future of humankind.
Pila of Hawaii will take you on a journey through time and touch your soul with the life-transforming power of the sacred sites, wisdom and myths of the islands and their heritage. Whether you are planning a trip to this tropical paradise or are searching for greater insights into your own spirit, The Secrets & Mysteries of Hawaii will open you to the greater dimension of exquisite beauty and power.

In Sao's words: "I use a nontraditional, cutting-edge, evolutionary astrological system -- known as "Shamanic Astrology" -- that directly focuses on the journey of your soul. In its essence, this is the same system used by the Ancients of Ancients in Chaldea, Mesopotamia, Babylonia, etc., yet it has been updated and upgraded to fit humanity's current place in The Evolution of this Creation."

The three key aspects of your private reading (actually, "sacred communions" is the term I prefer) include:

  • The True Intent of Your Soul
  • -Your Lineage, also referred to as "The Past Story Line"
    -Your Strategy, also referred to as "The Future Story Line"
    "Sao is the astrologer I recommend for those looking for information about their Soul Journey." --Tobias Lars

    The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign is supported by a broad-based coalition of public interest groups, environmentalists, humane organizations and historical societies representing over 10 million supporters.

    SeekaRetreat - Directory of retreats, retreat workshops, programs and events. Directory of retreat leaders and spiritual directors and coaches.

    Spiritual Massage, Counseling and Readings
    Description: Ko'ko offers over 35 years of healing experience, working
    to balance the emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

    Wholesale  Salt Lamps

    Himalayan salt lamps have been scientifically proven to increase the negative ion count in the air around you, helping you feel tranquil and relaxed. Whether you’re looking for a meditation aid or want to boost the quality of the air around you, we have the perfect lamp for you.






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    "Tobias, how on earth did you manage to get this power into this book?!  I think every time I've picked it up I've had some sort of peak experience.  Just amazed so far.  Thank you."
    Slade Hall - actor

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    e-book $9.99

    in Print $19.95


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    e-book $9.99

    in Print $19.95


    Tobias Lars- BS, MBA, Mensa

    Invite Tobias Lars as a presenter to your , spiritual group, church or organization.

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    'Course of Awakening' Seminars & Retreats'

    Awakening Evenings Invite us to come and create an evening of Fun, Laughter, Grace filled Awakening for your church, retreat center or organization.