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What people are saying about

"Listening To The Sun" & "Shackled Gods"

"That is quite an amazingly glorious crazy awesome chunk of info...your book...and all that it ignites. Whew! I haven't read something that electrified my being so much in quite some time. Thank you for sharing it with me. It's such a refreshing, nourishing, exciting experience to read such heart-based all inclusive fiery kick ass wisely orgasmic info."

Sera Beak- Harvard-trained scholar of comparative Religions and author of

"The Red Book -- A Deliciously Unorthodox Approach to Igniting Your Divine Spark."

"If you're excited about diving into an open inferno of truth and passion that will fire up your heart and aliveness, then you've discovered the right book. Tobias Lars has written an unbridled, uncompromisingly fierce celebration of awakening - original, direct, lively, intense, personal & poetic. The courageous author expresses a take-no-prisoners approach to penetrating honesty and keen revelation. A unique expression of our shared human predicament that rings true on every level."

Keith Varnum - author of "The Dream Made Real"-- visionary &
cutting edge leader of consciousness seminars for 30 years




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About the CD's

"Awakening Souls -- A Course in Awakening"

This is a Course in Awakening on CD's designed to assist us in awakening from the limited human consciousness that we've been existing inside for a long time. These CD's have the power to completely shift our awareness and level of consciousness to a more awake, peaceful, powerful, free state.

There is no need to listen to the CD's in any particular order, it is a holographic system. We suggest you look at the titles, read the detailed description and see which title(s) are attractive to you and start there.

New Way of Information, 'Spiritual Triggers' & 'Activation Points'

"Each subject in this CD series has a wealth of new information presented clearly, humorously and in a new way of sharing information instead of the old style of academia, or 'voice of authority' that we've been conditioned by. In addition to the information or 'mind' knowledge these recordings contain, there are spiritual 'triggers' and energetic activation points contained within the course. These energy 'activation points' are naturally interwoven into the presentation and activate the latent energies in the listener. People are finding that after listening to these CD's with an open mind and heart that their lives are changing. Changing towards becoming easier, more real, more fully filling, more relaxed."


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"Tobias, how on earth did you manage to get this power into this book?!  I think every time I've picked it up I've had some sort of peak experience.  Just amazed so far.  Thank you."
Slade Hall - actor

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e-book $9.99

in Print $19.95


Tobias Lars- BS, MBA, Mensa

Invite Tobias Lars as a presenter to your , spiritual group, church or organization.

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'Course of Awakening' Seminars & Retreats'

Awakening Evenings Invite us to come and create an evening of Fun, Laughter, Grace filled Awakening for your church, retreat center or organization.